Classical and Contemporary Ballet Workshop

Classical and Contemporary Ballet Workshop

CCBW consists of a fast past classical ballet class and mindfulness practice, followed by assisted improvisational exercises designed to thoroughly warm up the body. Exercises will focus on circular and off-center motions to create fluid yet abstract movements. Choreography will then be learned and will combine all elements explored in the earlier part of class.


I have created four additional workshops. All five workshops are two hours each. I offer beginner, intermediate, and advance options. Workshops with Pointe can be taken on flat if under the age of 12.

Classical Ballet Workshop

Consists of classical barre work, center, and across the floor exercises, diving deeper into all turns and allegro. RAD, Vaganova, and CPYB syllabi will be applied.


Classical Ballet and Pointe Workshop 

Consists of classical barre work, center and across the floor exercises on flat, followed by center work and across the floor exercises en pointe. During the pointe section, dancers will be challenged by neoclassical exercises and turn sequences. 


Pointe and Variations Workshop

Consists of thorough barre and center work to find center and balance to be able to execute one to two classical variations in the second hour. 


Contemporary Ballet and Improv Workshop

Consists of a contemporary ballet barre, center, and abstract across the floor exercises followed by a mindfulness practice. Dancers will experience structured improv exercises to find their natural movement as well as free style improv. Following the improv section is choreography where dancers will be able to execute as their own.